How would you like to get out of your rut, stop spinning your wheels & start living fully on the wide open road?

Attention:  Women Seeking Clarity, Purpose and Freedom to Live An Authentic Life!

The Reinvention Road Trip will give you the tools you need to find greater focus, self-fulfillment and FUN in life! Through this transformational program, with me as your “Virtual Navigator, your destination will be the Flourishing Life you’ve always dreamed of!


Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are stuck in a rut, spinning your wheels and only dream of a place you’d rather be instead of taking steps to get there
  • You struggle envisioning the future because there are anchors holding you back like guilt, fear, perfectionism & self-doubt
  • You drive around in circles, not knowing where you are going, feeling overwhelmed, overstressed and out of focus
  • You know you want to live a life in accordance with God’s purpose for you, but you just aren’t sure what that purpose is
  • You know if you had someone to help you navigate the road, you would start moving forward instead of idling in neutral
How I Totally Changed My Life!

Susan ConvertibleI know how you feel! Not long ago, I was searching for a “new identity” and had no idea where to go. As an over-50 empty-nester, I needed something fulfilling and fun to do with my life, so I took a giant leap out of my comfort zone and created

I was on an interesting ride for sure, but I had no plan for where I was headed. I quickly became overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted. I didn’t even know if I was on the right highway! That’s when I took a rest stop to do some self-discovery. I had a great website, but where was it taking me? Was there more that I should be experiencing?

I soon realized that I was limiting my vision by thinking too small. Through prayer, asking myself some deep questions and studying the principles of success. I discovered GOD’s purpose for my life, and how He wanted me to be fulfilling it. 

I had to get out of the deep rut I had created for myself so I could reach the potential I was created for. I wrote a plan, got focused, and began envisioning an even greater journey ahead. With better self-care and greater clarity about my future, I began to really enjoy this part of my life! Now I look forward to every day with great anticipation about where God is leading me.

As a Certified Life Purpose Coach for Women, I can help you get out of your own deep rut! I will help you find freedom from the anchors that are holding you back so you can begin moving forward with ease. With my guidance in this step-by-step process, you will learn to take better care of you as you create a road map for a more fulfilling future, with God as your Navigator.

Living a Purpose-filled Life Will Give You…
  • A deep sense of meaning, self-confidence and joy every day–no more spinning your wheels!
  • Crystal-clear focus on God’s purpose for your life–no more driving in circles!
  • Renewed enthusiasm about each day as you eagerly anticipate what lies ahead–no more feeling “stuck in a rut!”
  • Liberating freedom from the anchors that are holding you back from achieving your highest potential–no more fear, perfectionism and self-doubt!
  • A fool-proof filter for knowing when to say “no,” –no more guilt and stress from doing things out of obligation!
  • A rich legacy to leave behind from a life lived with no regrets–no dreams and passions left unfulfilled!
Caroline DePalatis “Finding Susan was like discovering a pool of fresh water for me! Susan has been so generous with me as we’ve gotten to know each other over the past four months. I appreciate the way she sees a situation I’m experiencing from a fresh angle and then challenges me to take a new approach. She speaks from experience – both success and failure – and is incredibly genuine. I am so grateful for this woman and what she represents, and I hope that more will take advantage of her keen and sensitive insight and wisdom. There is much to gain!”
-Caroline DePalatis

During this 180-day VIP Program, I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you to live with greater purpose, overcome your self-sabotage and live with less stress and higher productivity.

PLUS You’ll Get Exclusive Bonus Interviews!
  • 5 Tips for Surviving Menopause, with Staness Jonekos, best-selling author of Menopause Makeover
  • 5 Tips for Looking Fabulous, Not Frumpy, with JuliAnn Stitick, Image Expert and Founder of Your Success Style
  • 5 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle, with Susan Levy, Founder of The Well-Fed Heart
  • Top Tips for Over-50 Hair, with Donna O’Klock, Stylist with Bella Salon, Austin, Texasbonus
  • Spring Cleaning for Your Body, with Nutritionist Chris McKee
  • Spring Cleaning for Your Closet, with Image Consultant Jean LeFebvre
  • Spring Cleaning for the Clutter in Your Home, with Professional Organizer Karin Flagg
  • Look Thinner by Dinner, my exclusive interview with the late Charla Krupp, best selling author of How Not to Look Old
  • A speical gift, 30-days to Make a Difference, a devotional book by Frances Copeland-Lucas, creator of Breadcrumbs Motivational Cards.
Garland Cole“POWERFUL, TRANFORMATIVE, SUPPORTIVE, all words I would use to describe my experience with Susan Tolles in her group. I had wanted help with decisions regarding business, but I received so much more. Pinpointing my life’s purpose and learning to measure decisions and activities based on that life purpose was an invaluable gift. I would encourage everyone given the opportunity to work with Susan as she helps guide you in a new way of living. “

      -Garland Cole

Here’s Our Itinerary…

Step 1—Your trip begins! Setting your intention for the changes you want to make gives you focus, and keeps you from driving aimlessly in circles.  You’ll begin by working through exercises to give you the clarity you need before you start moving slowly ahead.

Step 2—Unload your heavy baggage. Unpacking the weight of guilt, fear, self-doubt, and perfectionism releases these burdens so you are free to change. I’ll show you how to get rid of the heavy baggage so you’ll have room for things you really love.

Step 3—Where are you headed? Envisioning the life you want, and the rich legacy you want to leave behind, gives you a picture of your “dream destination.” Through a journaling exercise, you will record this place in vivid detail. You will grow and reach a higher potential when you keep this dream at the forefront of all your plans.

Step 4—What are you packing? Through self-discovery exercises, you will recognize your unique gifts and skills that will be used on your journey. Your passions, values and interests, help shape your future, along with choosing what you do not want to do.

Step 5—Your custom “license plate” You will bring together all that you have learned about yourself into a Life Purpose Statement that becomes the foundation everything you do. This statement is the essence of who you are and how you live your life.

Step 6—Your itinerary  Now that you have your dream destination clearly defined, it’s time to set goals to help you get there. You cannot drive cross-country in a day! So your plans must be broken down into small steps. With your Life Purpose Statement as the cornerstone of your plans, you will work through exercises to create short- and long-term goals. Then you will create a strategy for one or two of your highest priorities.

Step 7—Overcoming the obstacles A new journey often brings with it obstacles. This week I’ll show you how to turn any setback into a brief re-fueling stop.

Step 8—Fuel for your journey To operate at peak potential, you must nourish your mind, body and spirit regularly. In this session, you will receive tools to keep you focused on extreme self-care while you are on your new journey.


A Big Trip Takes Planning  So I’m Sure You Have A Lot of Questions…

at crossroads 3How do I get started? First, click here to book a complimentary 30-minute Clarity Session with Susan to discuss where you are now, where you want to be, and how VIP coaching will get you there with ongoing support, guidance and accountability. Then you will set a schedule for your twice-monthly private calls over the 180-day commitment.

How much time will it take? With each step, there will be homework exercises to do that will take 1-2 hours to complete. It may seem like a lot, but with any significant change, there is work that needs to be done! The proven principles in this step-by-step process will make your transformation much easier than doing it on your own! You will work at your own pace, but be sure to set aside time on a consistent basis to maintain your focus.

True change does not come easily or quickly! Following through and doing all the work will truly change your life.

Do I have to do the homework? The program is designed in small steps to help you move forward at a steady pace. Doing the exercises and implementing the action steps will help you change your mindset, grow in confidence and experience lasting results. Just reading through them will not give you the same results!

Why should I work with you instead of someone else? I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach® who has guided many women to find their life purpose and use it as their foundation for a passionate, soul-driven life.

I have been through my own midlife reinvention, and created this program based on the steps I took after doing extensive study on how to live a more meaningful life, and self-discovery work which gave me the answers that were already deep within me. This same self-discovery work will be the catalyst for your purpose-filled life. Most importantly, I know what you are going through! I have experienced the same emotions and frustrations as you are feeling, and I want you to find the same sense of purpose and joy I have every day!

Linda“With the dawn of the new day, I awoke with CLARITY! That clarity filled my heart, mind and spirit! I knew my purpose, passion and the path was clear!… It was through Susan’s life-giving program that God’s message inspired me, gave me energy and re-enforced my direction. Thank You, Susan for the tools, encouragement and guidance.”

-Linda Martin


Don’t Forget My Money-Back Guarantee!

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so sure that the Reinvention Road Trip will be of such incredible value to you that I will refund 100% of your money if you decide it’s not for you after our first session.

I am so confident that this will transform your life from frazzled, frustrated and flat to focused, fulfilled and FUN!

Are YOU Ready to Release the Brake and Step on the Gas, to Find Clarity, Direction and Greater Meaning in Life?

If you are really ready to get out of your rut and stop spinning your wheels, then let’s get started! Take the first step toward creating your own exhilarating journey by booking your complimentary 30-minute Clarity Session at this link today, and let’s get started!

PLUS, there’s absolutely NO RISK!

It’s YOUR time to do it YOUR WAY! I look forward to seeing you on the road!


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